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Galadorn is a fantasy world built for D&D 5E for use in my home game as well as online. Players who explore my world should feel free to edit and add to this Wikia.

 Galadorn; Edit

About page


Places of interest:

The Tethers;

  1. Stone
  2. Life
  3. Ice
  4. Lava/Magma


  1. Phoenix Gulch
  2. Ashmoore Mountain
  3. Ashmoore Temple


  1. Fullhold
  2. Ebenwoods
  3. Forestmount Temple
  4. Feldons Crossing
  5. Krendor

People and characters of interest:

  1. Aster Mirthwood
  2. Fox
  3. Trimeri
  4. Rinn
  5. Ta'Varis
  6. Sinjen Arbarida
  7. Harbeck
  8. Baron Dolgrimm Stonehammer
  9. Han
  10. Calron
  11. Lutor

Groups Of Interest:

  1. The Winnow Knights
  2. The Dragon Knights
  3. The Arcane Circles
  4. The Seventh Circle

Creatures of interest:

  1. Burrow Squid
  2. Mule Dragons

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    New page: Renglave is the wastelands. The underside, within the "World Wound" is constant earthquakes and volcanic activity. The land changes almost daily...
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    New page: The Dwarven city of Phoenix Gulch is both built and partially carved from the stone in a gulch in the Ashmoore Mountains on Renglave.  These are...
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    A FANDOM user

    Ta'varis will ask for just regular Splintmail heavy armor as opposed to Masterwork. If the damage reduction isnt going to stack then it... 



    You do get the Heavy Splintmail armor, but no one really knows what you're talking about when you go looking for power pearls or periats. 

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